Apex Legends Mobile is finally out, and with it, new modes, features, and a revamped Ranked Mode.

If you’re looking to bring your skills from Apex Legends to Apex Legends Mobile, then you might be in for a rude awakening. Apex Legends Mobile introduces a completely new way to play along with a new Legend Perk system.

And if you’re thinking about going straight into Apex Legends Mobile Ranked, here are a few things you’ll need to know.

Have you tried out the Apex Legends Mobile exclusive legend, Fade? His abilities might surprise you!

Every Ranked Reward in Apex Legends Mobile Explained

There are different rewards in Apex Legends Mobile Ranked that players can obtain. It depends on what your rank is.

Apex Legends has always been a competitive game, and that still holds true in its mobile version. Players will need to survive ambushes, learn rotations, and discover the best weapons in Apex Legends Mobile to become champions of the arena.

And when it comes to Ranked, this means coordinating with your team and finding all the best possible strategies.

Here are all the possible rewards and tiers that players can achieve in Apex Legends Mobile Ranked:

  • Bronze: Starting rank – Reward: Ranked Match Bronze Rank Holo Spray
  • Silver: Requires 1200 RP – Reward: Ranked Match Silver Holo Spray
  • Gold: Requires 2800 RP – Reward: Reward: Ranked Match Gold Holo Spray
  • Platinum:  Requires  4800 RP – Reward: Ranked Match Platinum Holo Spray
  • Diamond: Requires  7200 RP – Reward: Ranked Match Diamond Holo Spray, S1 Diamond Ranked Match Trail, S1 Diamond Avatar Frame
  • Master: Requires  10,000 RP – Reward: Ranked Match Master Holo Spray, 1 Master I Ranked Match Trail, S1 Master I Avatar Frame
  • Predator: Top 750 Players – Reward: Ranked Match Predator Holo Spray, S1 Predator Ranked Match Trail, S1 Predator Avatar Frame

But to hop into Apex Legends Mobile, you’ll first need to unlock it! This is something unique to Apex Legends Mobile.

And don’t forget to stock up on Seasonal Currency to use at the Seasonal Store during Apex Legends Mobile’s first season Prime Tim

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